Call to Pray/Praise/Evangelism – Report

From Kristy Stuart, March 7, 2022

Hello Prayer, Praise, and Evangelism Partners,

Thank you for joining us in prayer and in witness concerning the Paranormal Cirque that visited Palm Bay in February. I am excited to report many ways God moved amongst us. As you may recall, this cirque has a paranormal, dark, demonic theme, which we feel can open doors to the demonic realm. We assembled teams to come out on the nights of the event to pray and share the gospel with those attending or connected to the event.

Here is what was accomplished:

  • 15+ people prayed to accept Christ, including a Florida Today reporter who came to report on the “protestors” and was not only surprised to see it was not a protest but a peaceful sharing of the gospel, which led her to the Lord!!! God is so good!
  • We spoke with many unaware believers who turned around and left the event, including a lady who felt the Lord told her to drive back up to the event and say thank you and encourage the evangelism team.
  • Two Christian ladies from the hotel next to the event, from Ohio, felt the Lord strategically placed them overlooking the cirques as they prayed at all hours of the night and even joined our prayer teams.
  • We were able to share the gospel and prayed for many other needs, including instant healing of a man’s back!!!
  • We spent over an hour with the cirques’ owner, sharing our concerns about the event and the gospel. He allowed us to lay hands on him and pray that God would give him insight and direction regarding the show and its theme. He was very receptive and was totally unaware that his cirques could be demonic. We parted with a promise to continue to pray for him and his family, which he was quite moved by.
  • Click here to see one of the evangelism teams in action.

There were also some great testimonies of how God moved within our teams.

  • 25 people attended the pre-evangelism training, and many came out to witness.
  • Many churches came together in unified prayer and fasting before and during the event.

One of the most encouraging results was our team participants left with a renewed desire to continue these types of efforts in our community.

To that end, we are planning additional trainings on evangelism, intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, and deliverance to equip the body of Christ. We will also be organizing unified outreach events in the future to further the gospel of Christ. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for your participation! We know great things for the kingdom were accomplished by our obedience and hearts to press in. All glory to God!

God Bless you,

Kristy Stuart, Love INC

Hillary Earle, Health Coverage Help
Pastor John Bankosky, Love INC Prayer Leader
Pastor Paul Rosbury, Tapestry Ministries
Adam and Kasey Cronan, Adam Cronan Ministries
Amanda Hernandez, We Pray Brevard

Deuteronomy 18:9-14 (NKJV)