Someone is Coming: When God Brings Beauty from Ashes

From Denise Viscuso, Love INC of Brevard Staff

How will we live our lives? When we receive Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, what does that look like as we journey during this earthly life? For Barbara Rainier, wife of Love INC Volunteer R.B. Rainier, their promise before God during a baby dedication in 2005, would later change their lives forever. Their promise lived out is an incredible testimony of what life looks like when we abide in Christ, and how God provides for his children even during heart-wrenching loss, bringing beauty from ashes.

In the Fall of 2017, Barbara Rainier heard God’s voice through the sensing of the Holy Spirit to get the house ready. She felt God was calling her to “Get rid of this stuff, someone is coming.” So, she and her husband R.B. began to get the house ready and started purging the house of the “things” that were taking up unnecessary space. R.B. had not sensed anything in his spirit back then, but as a married couple, they were committed to trusting the Lord’s voice in their lives.

The Change is Coming

Several months later, Kimberly Bane, a former Love INC volunteer suffered a stroke and was hospitalized, leaving at home Kim’s elderly mother Hilda Bagwell and her two sons Jesse, 14, and Johnny Bane, 13, a special needs child. The Rainiers knew Kim because both families attended Kingdom Gate Worship Center, but they had not been close friends.

When the church called upon its members to offer meals for the family, R.B. and Barbara delivered a meal and checked on their welfare. During their visit, they learned of how stressful Kim’s 92-year-old legally blind mother felt over the care needs of her two grandchildren, especially caring for a child with Down’s syndrome. She had no car to even buy groceries and with Kim widowed for the past seven years, there was no father in the picture. It was then, that the Rainiers opened their home and temporarily took in the family.

On February 24, 2018, Kim suffered and died of a heart attack while still in the hospital. Her earthly life had ended, leaving behind her two children with no living parent, and her 92-year-old mother facing the loss of her daughter. It was then that R.B. recalled the promise he had made in 2005, during Kim Bane’s son Johnny’s baby dedication. The late Pastor Larry Booth of Our Father’s House (later named Kingdom Gate) had asked for a showing of hands of those willing to support the family going forward if they were needed.

“We made that promise when Kim was dedicating her son Johnny and God trusted us because He knew we were sincere in our hearts. God knew He could trust us in the long run, and so he prepared Barbara first,” says R.B.

Here is the beauty from ashes. After Kim passed away, Barbara and R.B. became surrogate parents to Kim’s sons, taking on their guardianship, and embraced Kim’s mother as family, now serving as her power of attorney. This new family has lived together for the past three years and while there are difficult times, the grace of God prevails. Kim left her earthly life, but how beautiful that God was preparing provisions for her family in the last months of her life. Kim’s family is cared for because the Rainiers stood up to be counted as those to care for Kim’s family if needed.

Abiding in Christ

When asked how this experience has impacted his life in Christ, R.B. refers to Romans 12:1, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. (Romans 12:1)

What amazing grace to abide in Christ, when the desires of your heart reflect the desires of our Father’s heart. May this testimony be the inspiration for us to reflect upon the magnificence of God Almighty. What incredible love He shows us, and the care that He takes of His children, despite the suffering we face in this fallen world. What great love for Barbara and R.B. to live their lives being beautifully molded into the image of Christ for His glory.

In Christ,
Denise Viscuso,
Love INC of Brevard Staff

God’s Love Broke Through

Johnny Bane, the son of the late Kimberly Bane with his guardian R.B. Rainer.

Remembering Former Love INC Volunteer Kimberly Bane

Kimberly Bane
July 14, 1968 – Feb. 24, 2018

Kimberly Bane volunteered for Love INC of Brevard in 2013 and 2014 as the Gap Ministry Coordinator. Kim was a Disabilities Advocate which enriched her role during her time at Love INC because her life experience and knowledge gave a voice to those who often cannot help themselves. Her role seemed like the perfect fit for leading the Gap Ministry, where Love INC partners with local churches to identify resources to help people in need while they journey toward life transformation. Although Kim was part of the ministry for a short time because her job took her out of the area, she is remembered as someone who made an impact and shined her light in Christ.

Love INC of Brevard fondly remembers Kimberly Jo Bane, sister-in-Christ, who leaves behind a legacy of service in advocating on behalf of people in need and the disabled community.

Until we meet again.

The Love of Family: (Pictured left to right): Hilda Bagwell, Johnny Bane, Jesse Bane, and the late Kimberly Bane.

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