Scott C. Dixon

Scott C. Dixon, B.A., J.D., Board Member, joined the Love INC Board in December 2020. Attorney and Counselor at Law. Scott has been a sole practitioner in Melbourne, Florida since 1998 and a member of the Widerman Malek Attorneys at Law firm since 2013. Scott has attended Calvary Chapel of Melbourne since 2002. He has been an affiliated attorney with Liberty Counsel since 2005 and a board member there since 2010. He has been on the faculty of The Stewardship Alliance since 2006. He conducts educational workshops on Religion in Public Schools for students, teachers and parents and has served at Keiser University as an adjunct professor since 2010. He sits on the advisory boards of Stewardship Advisory Group and Tevebaugh & Associates and is a member in good standing of Liberty Counsel, Stewardship Estate Planning, Northland Professionals Advisory Counsel, Christian Financial Professionals Network, Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Council. He has coached high school soccer and volunteers as an instructor to various community organizations, including Covenant Christian High School, Habitat for Humanity, Pregnancy Resources and numerous churches and local senior organizations. Scott currently resides in Melbourne, Florida with his bride and has two sons who are both proudly serving in the United States Air Force.