Partner Referral

Love INC is a partnership ministry and works hand-in-hand with our partners to serve people in need. Once a partner has decided to assist someone, they submit the referral request by filling out the form below. However, that is not the end of their participation, but the beginning. The partner, in submitting the referral form, is agreeing to collaborate with Love INC concerning the person in need and is confirming beforehand that the client is ready and wants to be part of a transformational process.

Love INC will call the person being referred (person in need does not need to call in) to start the application process. Then, in conjunction with the referring partner, Love INC and the person (client) will develop an action plan outlining healthy ways to serve the client, providing restorative opportunities for everyone involved.

Partner Referral Steps


Step 1

Confirm the person in need understands the Love INC process and wants to participate (the client process can be viewed at

Step 2

Complete the Partner Referral Request below.

Step 3

The Love INC Clearinghouse Call Center Team calls the client to complete the intake application and follows-up on needed verifications.

Step 4

Love INC and referring partner collaborate with client to serve and support them with dignity and love through an established action plan.

Partner Referral

Person Being Referred:


Referring Partner Organization

Partner Contact Person / Liaison Name(Required)