Nonprofit Partners

Creating a Network of Care

We greatly value partnering with local ministries, non-profits, and government agencies. Community-based service organizations often times refer their clients to other local resources (we do!), but this is an opportunity for us to take the next steps in collaboration and work for lasting change in those we serve together. Let’s discuss how we can partner together!
WHAT Partnership looks like

For Love INC

Assisting nonprofits in providing wraparound care for their clients

Receiving and reviewing requests for assistance and making referrals to partnering nonprofits

Lessing the strain on any one nonprofit by helping share the burden of care across a variety of organizations in our community

Helping Christian ministries and secular nonprofit organizations break through stereotypes, connecting them to work well together

WHAT Partnership looks like

For Our Nonprofit Partners

Love INC and our Nonprofit Partners work together to provide wraparound care to our clients. Love INC directs clients to our partnering Nonprofits as needed, and our partners direct their clients to Love INC when we can provide care that assists in their holistic work. Working together, we can best love and serve our community.

Our Nonprofit Partners

A Guide to Brevard County Resources for Our Ministry Partners