Our Initiatives

Love INC Brevard County mobilize churches through community transformation. Our focus is on tackling hard issues through initiatives like the Foster Care Christian Collaborative, Cold Night Shelter, and a 24/7 Pastoral Crisis Hotline. By urging local churches to get involved, we’re showing love, offering support, and making a practical difference in our community, fulfilling our vision of active faith and unity.

Foster Care Christian Collaborative

The Foster Care Christian Collaborative is a grassroots effort in Brevard County activating church-wide partnerships to care for vulnerable children who are at risk, in, or exiting foster care, as well as those children becoming legally available for adoption.

Our goal is to present unified and clear information regarding foster care to Brevard’s churches and to provide on-ramps to action.

Cold Night Shelter

The Cold Night Shelter program is one of Love INC Brevard County’s initiatives aimed at providing immediate help to those most vulnerable in our community. When temperatures drop, many people without homes are at risk. This program ensures they have a warm, safe place to stay during cold nights. It’s more than just shelter—it’s about offering care, compassion, and warmth to our neighbors in need, demonstrating our commitment to living out our faith through active service.

Ministerial Care Initiative

The Ministerial Care Initiative is a grassroots effort to provide care for Brevard County’s Pastors, Ministerial Leaders, and their families.

This care will consist of counseling, encouragement, and educational crisis prevention.