February 2019

Hello Ministry Friends,

 Happy New Year! Thank you for your end of the year gifts that allowed us to make budget last year and begin this year financially strong. God bless you for your generosity and trust.

Featured Client: A single father was referred for auto repair by Family Promise, one of our community partners. You, our supporters, provided him with auto repair and so much more! His Love INC mentor connected him to a church for fellowship and community; he was able to afford Christmas gifts for his children through the Gifts From The Heart Christmas Shop; he was able to purchase a much needed washer and dryer from Village Thrift (at 80% off the thrift store price); he received personal care items through the pantry to help offset his expenses; he is seeking career mentoring from a professional ministry partner; he is scheduled to start budget mentoring in February; plus his car has been repaired at a discounted rate by our business partner, C&D Auto, of which he is currently working in the thrift store to cover his portion of the repair bill. This is wonderful example of how together we offer HOPE (that things can get better through Christ), HELP (with material needs), and a HAND-UP (through dignified opportunities to engage in his solutions) — together we can restore and so much more! We praise God for your support in this man’s journey to independence and sustainability

Featured Client Served by:

  • 1 – Church became his home/community
  • 3 – Churches donated Pantry Items
  • 2 – Supporters Donated Appliances
  • 14 – Gift Dignity Hosts – Auto Repair $
  • 1 – Church sent career mentor (partner)
  • 1 – Church sent budget mentor (volunteer)
  • 1 – Church sent client mentor (volunteer)
  • 1 – Church sent admin support (volunteer)
  • 1 – Church sent prayer warrior (volunteer)
  • 1 – Church service group to organize store
    +  You !

Impact of Your Christmas Generosity!
Gifts From The Heart Christmas Shop
provided clients of 8 local non-profits an affordable, dignified way to purchase Christmas gifts for their families. This mini-social enterprise served 304 individuals impacting 115 families and employed 2 part-time workers! Thank you to the 45 volunteers who helped in a variety of ways and to the community for providing the gifts.

Thank you to the 14 churches that hosted Gift Dignity Trees in December the individuals who gave $3,871 for client services, supporting reliable transportation, good housing, education, mentoring, and mental health counseling.

Calling all Brevard County residents to unite in service to our community!

Join us on Saturday, February 23, and Saturday, March 2 at 2 locations–2 weekends-2 projects taking place simultaneously at Emma Jewel Charter Academy (Cocoa) and Jupiter Elementary School (Palm Bay). Projects include landscaping, painting, pressure washing, building repairs, etc. Project details still developing, but service opportunities available for all ability levels. Sign-up / donate at www.lovebrevard.com

We love and appreciate you, our supporters!




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