Partnership Covenant

We are joining the Love INC of Brevard Partnership of churches by submitting this Partnership Covenant. (Preview Love INC’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values.) This Covenant declares our desire to serve people and our community through transformational ministry. In submitting this Covenant, our Church agrees to the following:

Love INC Commits To:

Work for Unity in the Body of Christ – Love INC will work to provide the structure for a unified witness of God’s love to the community and people in need.

Priority Referrals – Love INC will automatically receive people referred for help from your church as a priority (partner church referrals are given priority over self-referrals).

Decreased Administrative Burden – Love INC will facilitate the helping process so that your church can focus on loving and supporting people in need.

Verifying Needs – Love INC will verify the legitimacy of needs and work to discover assistance already being given by other churches/agencies/ministries.

Shared Resources – Love INC will work to lessen the burden of need/helping on any one church through resource collaboration and connects your church’s specialized resources to those in need.

Discovering Root Issues – Love INC will work to discover and solve the root issue of need and engage people in the process of finding solutions.

Love Ops Service Projects – Love INC will work to empower your church to love and serve by planning and coordinating transformational one-day or recurring service projects (upon requested).

Education and Training – Love INC will provide your church education in Redemptive Compassion© and benevolence plan development (upon request).

Outreach Ministry Development – Love INC will provide expertise and resources to develop and launch outreach ministries to serve those outside of your church walls (upon request).

Love INC Resource Guide – Love INC will provide a guide of local basic resources, updated quarterly, to provide your church a concise listing of the best emergency resources available in Central/Southern Brevard County.

Referral Alerts – Love INC will send email alerts advising your church of individuals abusing church benevolence (as we are made aware of), offering a place to refer these people to start getting the comprehensive help they need.

Prayer – Love INC will pray regularly for your church, the people your church is serving through Love INC, and will send a monthly email inviting others interested in prayer to do the same.