Client Transformation Process

Love INC implements a 2-part client transformation process that begins in our Clearinghouse and concludes as clients graduate from our Life Curricula program. A client can start this process by calling our Clearinghouse, participating in our extensive client intake process, and – upon completion – being matched with a mentor. Once this has taken place, our mentors work directly with clients to identify obstacles in their life; learn about their spiritual, physical, and financial condition; and ultimately create a sequence of life goals to achieve holistic wellbeing. The relationship between clients and mentors deepens as our mentors call clients once a week to provide gentle accountability and relational encouragement along the path toward achieving the agreed-upon goals. Furthermore, as our mentors better understand the obstacles and unhealthy patterns at work in the client’s life, we mobilize our network of 50+ church partners and 45+ business partners to provide wraparound care for our clients. Through our vast partner network, we can offer our clients dental services, home repair, mental health counseling, mechanic services, employment opportunities, legal counseling, tax preparation, and a variety of other services to our clients. 

Once a client is ready to start thinking long-term about their wellbeing, we invite them to participate in a course load of life skills classes called Life Curricula. Life Curricula is a scope and sequence of 4-6 classes that touch on subjects such as personal finance, employment readiness and retention, overcoming trauma, and Christian formation. A motivated client can complete the course load in 12-months.

Our goal is that graduates of Life Curricula have: 

  1. stable employment
  2. reliable transportation
  3. stable housing and related expenses proportional to their budget
  4. an understanding of the Christian faith and opportunities for church engagement
  5. tools for mental health
  6. a relational support network

We believe that with these six things in place, a client will be properly prepared to re-enter our community as contributors to the greater good.

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