Clearinghouse Call Center

The Love INC Clearinghouse Call Center is the heartbeat of the Love INC Ministry. We take
referrals from our partnering churches, businesses and agencies. If you are a member of a partner church, please ask your church to send us a Partner Referral Request. Once we have received the referral we will call you for the intake application. After your intake interview and your references have called in, we will talk with you about matching your needs with resources from Love INC, your referring partner or church, and the community. The relationship we have with each person will look different and is based on your need.

  • We provide opportunities and resources to help you take an active role in your current situation. Therefore, we are NOT an emergency service and we do not provide money.
  • We value growth and transformation in your life so we provide life classes consisting of budget, home maintenance, and spiritual. We also provide one-on-one job training and referrals to licensed mental health counselors.
  • In addition to the educational and mentorship opportunities, we may also be able to provide you with resources to help offset your expenses, enabling you to meet your financial obligations (ex.: food, clothes, car repairs, home repairs, low-cost appliances/furniture, etc.).
  • We would like to walk with you through this time of transition not just by coordinating resources but by supporting you emotionally and with dignity.
  • It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to process applications; resources may take longer based on their availability.

If you are interested in becoming a Church or Business Partner please contact Denyse Olson, Executive Secretary, at If you are a partner and desire to make a referral click here. If you are in need of emergency resources click here for our emergency resource guide.