Business Partners

Businesses Contributing to Transformation

Clients in our transformation program have a wide array of needs, and business partners serve an important role in our ability to remove obstacles in a client’s path toward transformation. Every month, we mobilize dentists, mechanics, lawyers, painters, handymen, electricians, plumbers, appliance repairmen, etc… to serve those in our community who need it most. No matter what your business does, there’s a way you can be involved with Love INC. And when you partner with Love INC. you know that your services are going to people who are actively engaged in a mentorship program and receiving wraparound care in addition to your investment. When our community works together to serve people who are participating in their own transformation journey we believe all people can reach their God-given potential and eventually become contributors to our community.     
WHAT Partnership looks like

For Love INC

Assisting the Church to go beyond benevolence to offering relational and holistic care.

Receiving and reviewing requests for assistance, vetting each case, ensuring the client is actively participating in their transformation, and making referrals to churches, businesses, and community resources to meet clients’ needs.

WHAT Partnership looks like

For Our Business Partners

Love INC Business Partners can be involved in our work in many ways: some offer discounted rates on services to clients, others provide financial contributions to support our way, and still others assist with services and resources that advance the daily operations of our ongoing work.

Our Business Partners

A Guide to Brevard County Resources for Our Ministry Partners