Agency Partners

We're Better Together 

Whenever possible, we collaborate with Government Agencies as we seek the wellbeing of people in our community. We learn from their work, and we open up our partner network to them so that – together – we can provide the best possible network of support for people in need in our community. 

WHAT Partnership looks like

For Love INC

Assisting agencies in providing wraparound care for those they are serving

Synchronizing all the resources and services available to people who are being served by an agency

Working alongside agencies to help provide on-ramps for the Church to get involved in the work they’re doing

Lessening the strain on any one agency by helping share the load as we care for people in our community together

Helping government agencies and churches break through stereotypes, connecting them to work well together

WHAT Partnership looks like

For Agencies

Caring well for people in our community

Utilizing all the resources and services that are available through Love INC’s network

Providing opportunities for the Church to learn about their work, inviting them to get involved

Connecting and working with churches, businesses, and nonprofits in our community.

Our Partner Agencies

A Guide to Brevard County Resources for Our Ministry Partners