What is Love INC?

Love In the Name of Christ is a non profit organization that trains and unites churches to help people in need.   Dignity, education, economic empowerment, and transformation of our clients and then our community, in the name of Christ, is our ultimate goal.  Love INC of Brevard is one of over 135 Love INC affiliates in 30 states, helping over 1 million people in need each year through more than 9,000 churches, 6,000 community agencies, and 300,000 volunteers.

How Does Love INC Work?

The heart of Love INC is the Clearinghouse, where volunteers receive requests, assess the need, refer to help and follow up. Through the Clearinghouse, Love INC also identifies gaps in services and resources in the community, and helps churches develop ministries to fill the gaps. Love INC of Brevard has many Gap ministries including the Love Ops team, Budget Mentoring team and the Personal Care Pantry.

Why Love INC?

Love In the Name of Christ enables churches in a community to coordinate their resources and services so that those in need are not turned away. As churches join together to show Christ’s love to their neighbors, communities see exciting results:

  • People in need receive help from Christians using their gifts and talents.
  • Local churches work together modeling unity of the Body of Christ, and lives change.