What is Love INC?

Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) mobilizes churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. On the individual level, we accomplish our mission through our client transformation pipeline that addresses the spiritual, mental, relational, and physical wellbeing of each client. On the community level, we function as the facilitator for aligning people and organizations around goals for the common good of our county. Love INC of Brevard is one of 135 Love INC affiliates in 30 states, helping 1 million people in need each year by mobilizing a network of over 9,000 churches, 6,000 community agencies, and 300,000 volunteers.

How Does Love INC Work?

The heartbeat of our human services program is a Clearinghouse Call Center where individuals experiencing acute needs can call us to be matched with a mentor. After our extensive intake process is complete, the client is paired with a mentor who works with the client to identify obstacles in their life; learn about their spiritual, physical, and financial condition; and ultimately create a sequence of life goals to achieve holistic wellbeing. Our mentors call their clients once a week to provide gentle accountability and relational encouragement along the path toward achieving the agreed-upon goals. Furthermore, as our mentors better understand the obstacles and unhealthy patterns at work in the client’s life, we mobilize our network of 50+ church partners and 45+ business partners to provide wraparound care for our clients. Through our vast partner network, we can offer our clients dental services, home repair, mental health counseling, mechanic services, employment opportunities, legal counseling, tax preparation, and a variety of other services to our clients. Beyond the client-mentor relationship, we also offer a course load of life skills classes called Life Curricula for our clients to participate in. Graduates of our 12-month Life Curricula course are ready to re-enter our community as contributors to the greater good.

Why Love INC?

Love In the Name of Christ enables churches in a community to coordinate their resources and services so that those in need are not turned away. As churches join together to show Christ’s love to their neighbors, communities see exciting results:

  • Individuals are transformed as Christians use their gifts and resources to meet needs.
  • The community is transformed as churches, organizations, and individuals work together for common community goals.