A Volunteer Duo Honored Volunteers of the Month

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24

(Left to right) Village Thrift Volunteers Linda Dorling and Gail Sherry have served with Love INC since 2014.

MELBOURNE – A Village Thrift Volunteer-Duo was named Volunteer of the Month on Jan. 23, 2019 in an award ceremony at the first Village Thrift team meeting of the year. Volunteers Linda Dorling and Gail Sherry who have been friends for the past 28 years were honored for heading up Village Thrift’s Linens department where they prep a host of assorted linens for sale. Their work station sign “Lovely Linens” is true to course, because these ladies know their products. They present linens the same way retail stores do, attractively displayed so their pieces have the greatest impact. 

What’s not widely known about this volunteer duo is that Linda and Sherry were part of the volunteer team during the store move to the new Apollo location and they helped name the store Village Thrift, from the African proverb “It takes a Village to raise of child.”  Love INC mirrors that community concept in its partnership strategy. It takes a Christian community surrounding people in need with love to provide the hope and help that leads to transformation and freedom in Christ.

We extend our warm congratulations and best wishes to Village Thrift Volunteers Linda Dorling and Gail Sherry each awarded Volunteer of the Month for January 2019.

Village Thrift Gears Up for 2019:
Gathering for Their First Volunteer Meeting of the Year
Village Thrift volunteers are investing in Love INC’s ministry retail store, pictured here Jan 23, 2019 for Award ceremony.

Love INC’s Annual Volunteer Christmas Brunch…

Unveiling our New Volunteer T-shirt in Years! Wow!

Gathering in the Name of Christ is how volunteers and staff finished 2018 at our Annual Volunteer Christmas Brunch.