Transformation from Within:
Volunteer’s Lives Are Changed Too

One of the great things about volunteering for Love INC is that you not only have the opportunity to journey with clients and witness their lives transformed In the Name of Christ, but volunteers also have the opportunity to grow and transform spiritually as well.
For instance, Love INC has volunteers representing a variety of denominational backgrounds, and not everyone is accustomed to praying aloud.  I’ve seen a volunteer step out in faith and express prayer vocally, taking the opportunity to experience their spirituality in a new way. Perhaps one of the reasons that Christians can do so at Love INC is because we are all growing and learning, and this ministry is a safe place to learn, to ask questions, doing so as individuals.  
Love INC Volunteers and Staff pray together, share morning devotions, and serve In the Name of Christ.  Ministry Chaplain Rev. John Maas leads morning devotions a half hour before the office opens.  John has been a pastor for the past 50 years, and he brings an amazing wealth of life experience and teaching to the ministry.  
When the Spirit of the living God, who dwells within us is invited into our midst, lives change, not only for the clients, but for the volunteers and staff who serve here as well. Let us be salt and light in this broken world, where our agape love for one another will show the world that we truly are Jesus’ disciples.

In Christ,
Denise Viscuso,
Volunteer Coordinator

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:35

The February 2020 Volunteer of the Month
Awarded to Pat Cook, Client Mentor

It takes a tapestry of volunteers to bring together the gifts and talents that make up this interdenominational Christian ministry that mobilizes volunteers from 51 local church congregations. This month’s Volunteer of the Month, Pat Cook, adds her uniqueness to this pool of volunteers who have graced the ministry of Love INC of Brevard.

Pat has served with Love INC since 2017.

Pat Cook has served with Love INC since 2017.  She’s originally from New England, which you will notice right away by her very distinct accent.  Pat’s known for being down to earth, has a quick wit, and is a fan of, you got it, the New England Patriots. Pat comes from an Irish Catholic background, but is one who has embraced the coming together of God’s people from every denominational background.  

Pat is a large reason that the Thursday Call Center Team is known for being the team that laughs together.  It’s that levity that helps break up the day, especially when so often your heart can break for those who are facing the struggle of hardship and poverty.

As a servant of the ministry, Pat is known for her pure willingness to serve, always saying yes to anything asked of her. Her response to requests never has to be considered, she just does.  As for her clients, they know that when they connect with Pat, it’s the “no judgment zone,” where clients can be free to share their hearts and their lives.  At the same time, Pat is pretty straight-up when clients stumble along the way, after all, Love INC’s call is aimed at transformation in Christ’s name. Yet, Pat always accompanies her honesty with a welcomed dose of encouragement, a gift that describes this very special volunteer.

Love INC of Brevard extends warm wishes and congratulations to Pat Cook, the February 2020, Volunteer of the Month.

 Celebrating the February 2020 Volunteer of the Month

It’s a Celebration – Volunteer of the Month Ceremony held on Feb 13, 2020 at Love INC of Brevard (left to right):  Ruby Lindeman, Corrine Mars, Maureen Bellinger, Volunteer of the Month Pat Cook, Bob Janson, Denise Viscuso, Rita Frare, front Yolanda Almodovar, Marilyn Cook, Tangi Combs, Yolanda’s family member, and Chris Doughty.

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The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is Thursday April 23rd, 2020 at 6:00pm!
Save the Date and be on the lookout for more details to come! 

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