Volunteer Descriptions

Love INC Operations & Programs

Admin Team

The Admin team is the backbone to the day-to-day operations of Love INC. They head up clerical and organizational support, maintain the office files, handle volunteer record keeping, work with supply and print vendors, provide admin support to Team Leaders, and much, much, more. Admin volunteers are positioned to provide the first impression of the ministry. Our Office Receptionist answers phones, greets clients and guests, and puts a human face to the organization that is professional and caring. Admin volunteers are the core to Love INC Operations and their value is immeasurable.

Clearinghouse Call Center Team

Monday evening Call Center volunteers connecting with clients, bringing help and hope to people in need. The Clearinghouse Call Center  is the heart of the ministry because it’s at the Call Center where our Clearinghouse Mentors work directly with people in need.. Clearinghouse Volunteers receive requests for help from ministry partners or from the general public. The Mentor conducts the client intake, provides any needed emergency resources during the first call, offers a Bible to any client without one, a Daily Bread devotional, as well as emotional support and prayer. Clearinghouse Mentors work with clients to develop an action plan, provide participative resources aimed at lasting change where people can gain self-sustaining financial independence. Mentors journey with clients from the intake through to graduation from the program.

Finance Team

The overall role of the Finance Team is to properly account for the financial transactions of Love INC of Brevard.  The Finance Team is led by the Financial Administrator and functions to oversee the ministry budget, enter financial transactions, assure accurate and safe storage of all financial documents, provide financial reporting, and monitor internal control and accountability policies. The Accounting Volunteer is a skilled volunteer role, a candidate qualified for this position must have a strong accounting background who can process assignments with great attention to detail to assure that  assigned work is done with a high level of accuracy. Regular assignments include: entering accounts payable data, preparing regular bank deposits, payroll reporting, contribution acknowledgement, and filing.

Fundraising Team

Love INC’s Fundraising Team raises awareness of the ministry mission, builds relationships and raises money to meet Love INC’s ongoing needs. The Fundraising Admin assistant schedules meetings, make phones calls, assists with event planning, contacts ministry business partners, and complete reports.

Gap Ministries

Love INC Gap Ministries bridge a GAP in community resources and provide services in a dignified way for clients to engage in their solutions through resource-by-participation programs. Gap Ministries Teams include:  Home Repair, Love OPS Service Projects, Personal Care Pantry, and the Transport Team.

Love Ops Team (Group Service Projects)

Love INC offers group volunteer opportunities that include many types of groups like: Families, local businesses, youth groups, small groups, school clubs, churches etc., where groups can complete service projects to help our Love INC clients with various needs. Needs range from house cleaning, organizing closets, yard work, home maintenance, painting or providing support to the Love INC Thrift Store, Village Thrift, serving in donations intake or a specific project. These service opportunities give folks the privilege of helping our clients and our ministry thrift store in practical ways.Volunteers with leadership capacity are also needed to do pre-service day site visits and oversee the project day.

The Tech Team

The Tech team works behind the scenes and plays an essential role in providing tech support and guiding Love INC into the future using the latest technological solutions. Our volunteers have an overall willingness to serve, something common amongst all our volunteer teams. Our volunteers have at least one of the following skill areas: Handles hardware configuration for computers and networks, maintains system-related software and network setups and maintenance, assists with database (CiviCRM) design and management, our website, design and maintenance, and Microsoft Office and Gmail.

Transformational Ministries

Transformational Ministries is one of Love INC’s ministry modes. It’s here that Love INC clients are offered “Life Curricula,”  practical education as they journey toward sustainability. Volunteers provide mentoring and education on basic life skills such as:  budget mentoring, spiritual classes, career mentoring, and more.  We are looking for instructors with public speaking skills, and knowledge of a specialty area that can benefit our clients. Volunteer Roles – Budget Mentoring Instructor, Career Mentoring Instructor, Leadership Team member, Client Mentor, Class Host, and Class development.

Volunteer Engagement Team

The Volunteer Engagement Team aims to build a strong healthy foundation of Christian volunteers impassioned to meet the mission and vision of the Love INC movement.  Strategy includes improved recruitment methodology, using on-line recruitment to streamline the application process, improved organizational structure, and appreciation measures to highly value our volunteers who give what they can never get back, their time. We’re looking for Admin volunteers to work with maintaing accurate volunteer records, and someone with Excel spreadsheet familiarity to track our recruitment and application process. We’re also looking for a volunteer to manage our Recruitment Websites.

Village Thrift Store

Village Thrift Volunteers – Cashiers, Donations Intake, E-bay Sales, and the Transport Team

Village Thrift is a branch of the Love INC ministry that helps individuals and families shop at greatly reduced prices for needed furniture, appliances, clothing and housewares, etc. Through our client participation resource program, our clients can shop taking ownership of their purchases that restores self-worth and dignity.  By volunteering at Village Thrift, our volunteers are helping families in need because all profits go back to Love INC where people in need are given Hope, Help, and a Hand-Up. Volunteers receive and prepare items for sale, greet and assist customers in purchasing items, pick up donations, as well as deliver larger-sized furniture and appliances with the store delivery truck. A volunteer with on-line sales experience can merchandise Village Thrift items on Craig’s list and E-bay. See Community Service Volunteers below for another area of Village Thrift providing volunteer opportunities. Village Thrift Store hours are 10 am to 5 pm, Mon.- Sat.).

Village Thrift – Community Service Volunteers – Students & Court-Ordered

Love INC  offers high school and college students (including: Bright Future’s scholarship applicants) and those with court-ordered community service requirements volunteer opportunities at Village Thrift, which is Love INC’s retail thrift store.  Community Service Volunteers can serve in one of the four following areas: 1. Donations Intake (Clothing & Shoes) 2. Donations Intake (Sorting and Pricing) 3. Cleaning and Organizing or 4. The Transport Team. Volunteer hours are based on store needs.  Also, volunteers must have weekly availability to serve a regularly scheduled shift.