November 2018

Ministry Update – November, 2018

Hello Ministry Friends,

We are thankful for you, our supporters! We are honored that you have allowed us to help you serve Christ through ministry opportunities at Love INC.

Featured Clients: We had 6 people graduate from our budget mentoring class recently. One person shared at graduation that before the class he had no idea how to fill out a deposit slip, so he would sheepishly hand the bank teller his check and ask them to cash it. After the class, he has a new found confidence that came from learning how to complete the deposit form and now confidently chats with the teller and deposits

money into his savings account to build his emergency fund. A married couple who had never combined their finances graduated the class with one budget and one bank account. They decided from that point forward they would discuss and make financial decisions together. The praise reports coming out of the class were truly amazing and all 6 of these people are on their way to financial freedom.

Congratulations to our annual pastor award winners!

It’s not too late to support Gifts From The Heart Christmas Shop! You can help by donating toys for the Christmas shop NOW. Visit to view the gift registries of toys needed and to learn more about this program.


We love and appreciate local pastors!page1image4124250864

We pray that all who attended the pastor appreciation tour of the American Muscle Car Museum on November 5, were blessed. Please join us again next year!

Larry Booth Memorial

Samaritan Award

Pastor Mark Miller

Victory In Christ Jesus Ministries (Pictured with special guest, Linda Booth)

Tell your friends — Eat pizza to help local families in need!Join us November 27, at Pizza@ (Hammock Landing – 225 Palm Bay Road NE) from 12-8 pm for a pizza fundraiser to benefit Love INC!

Want to support Love INC on #GivingTuesday, but can’t make it to Pizza@?Give securely online at

Happy Thanksgiving,

Kristy L. Stuart, Executive Director


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