January 2018

Ministry Update – January, 2018

Hello Ministry Friends, Happy New Year!

As I sought the Lord concerning Love INC for this year, He confirmed that we are to continue focusing on“building strong”. That means we will focus on adding a greater number of volunteers, partnering with more businesses for client and ministry resources, and strengthening our current partnerships through education. God will bring us many more people in need so we, as the Church, need to be prepared. “Consider now, forthe Lord has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary; be strong and do the work” (1 Chronicles 28:10). This year we are hoping to move into our year-long educational courses and hire a coordinator to lead this effort. This will take additional volunteers, business donations, additional finances, and most importantly, prayer.

Holiday Updates – Gifts From the Heart Christmas Shop: Thank you to everyone who volunteered to serve 235 children by giving their parents/guardians dignified assistance that allowed them to provide gifts for their families. Next year we will have at least three (3) more non-profits joining the program that are seeking to affirm dignity for the families they serve at Christmastime. Gift Dignity: Thank you to the churches that hosted Gift Dignity Trees in December and the individuals who gave $4,291 for Love INC client services. We will invest this money into people seeking long-term transformation in their lives.

Upcoming Events – Our Annual Partner Gathering will be held on Monday, February 12 from 11am to 1pm at River Run Church. All partner pastors and church ministry coordinators (CMCs) are encouraged to attend, as their input is vital to our successful partnership.

Featured Client – We have been journeying with a client for two (2) years that is making great progress. She recently purchased a car from our vehicle purchase program and has been accepted as the first participant in the Hope Builders Program at Suntree United Methodist Church. She now has a group of personal mentors she meets with weekly. They support her with childcare, mental health counseling through one of our ministry partners, and will be paying to further her education. She has made great strides, and we look forward to the day she and her child move into their own home and no longer need to be dependent on others for housing. She is currently looking for employment after losing her job unexpectedly, but is facing this challenge with hope because she knows she is not alone. None of this would be possible without you, our ministry partners!

We are beginning this year with a bit over $26,000. Thank you for your end of the year gifts that allowed us to make budget last year and begin this year financially strong.

A friend of mine shared this quote by Jerry Bridges: “Those who hold the ropes are just as important in the partnership as those who go down into the mine…it is essential for the spread of the gospel.” So whether you hold the ropes or go down in the mines with us to help people in need, we are so grateful for you and our partnership!

God Bless you!

Kristy L. Stuart, Executive Director


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